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12 Things To Love About Hidle

1 Registration Process To Become Both An Owner & A Hirer
Electronic Hire Agreement
Secure Payments Through PayPal
Owner Nominated Bond Amount
Money Paid Directly Into Owners Bank Account
Authentication Of ID & Transaction Required At Pickup & Return
Minimal Paperwork With Only Security & Item Details Check Sheet Required
No Haggling As Fixed Price At Point Of Hire
Items Located Closer to Hirer
Lower Hire Prices With Cashless Transactions
Earn Extra Money On Lazy Or Idle Items From Home
Little Resources Required To Get Started

Frequently Asked Questions Owner & Hirer

How Do I Register My Items?
How to register your items is possibly the first question you might ask. Registering your items it quick and easy. Simply read and agree to the Website terms and conditions plus the Owner and Hirer hire agreement, fill in your required details, verify your email by responding to the email we will send you and your set to go. Listing items is only a matter of uploading 1 or 2 photos, setting your hire and bond amount and adding any information you would like in the description section. At Hidle we know it can be a little difficult to find the time to start a new process so feel free to give any of the team a call on 0427526445 if you would like some help.

How Does Hidle Work?
Hidle is a new peer to peer sharing platform. Hidle allows you to list for hire (free to advertise/list) or hire idle items within your local community. Visit our   page to find out more.

Should I list pick up & return time availability on my listing?
Yes. This allows the hirer to make an informed decision as to the hire fitting in with their requirements & allows for an easy transaction. A hire day is 6am to 8pm on the same calender day, however pick up and return times outside of these hours can be mutually agreed between Owner & Hirer.

Do I have to be 18 to list or hire an item through the Hidle platform?
Yes you do. Due to legal reasons such as licensing & insurance information you must be 18 years of age or older to list or hire an item through Hidle.

When will I receive payment if my item is hired?
Your item hire transaction proceeds will be processed 24 hours prior to your item scheduled hire starting except for same day & night before hires which will be processed as soon as possible by Hidle’s administration team. All owners will need to provide Hidle with their PayPal account correct email address or bank account details so that we can deposit your payment into your nominated account for your hired items. If you have not added your correct PayPal  account email or bank account details you will need to edit your profile and add them. Please be assured that only yourself and the Hidle accounts team will be able to access this information. Payments to Owners bank accounts may take up to seven (7) business days to appear in the nominated account from the date the payment is processed. Hidle administration endeavours to process all payments within twentyfour (24) hours from time of receipt.

Paying for Hire with Paypal Echeque?
Please be aware that PayPal now offers Echeques payments which can take up to 5 business days to clear so Hidle recommends that for same day or within 5 business day of hire date hires PayPal direct transfer is used & PayPal Echeque is not selected.

As an Owner do I need insurance on my items I would like to hire out?
Yes, depending on wether your item is registered or not will dictate what type of insurance you will need or wether the Owner nominated bond is sufficient. Hidle can provide more information regarding this, please contact us anytime.

As a Hirer do I need to take out insurance to hire an item?
No you don’t need to organize insurance for the item; the owner is responsible for obtaining & maintaining insurance for their items. 

Do I need to have my electrical items tested & tagged?
Yes. Hidle requires Owners to have all electrical items they intend listing on the Hidle platform tested & tagged by a qualified electrician. Hidle can help with this. For more information contact us at info@hidle.com.au or visit our friends at https://addbg.com.au.

Is there any charge for listing an item?
No, listing your item is 100% free. Domestic Private Owners earn 90.0% of the hire amount with Hidle earning a commission of 10.0% on each hire transaction excluding the bond amount, which covers operational costs, platform hosting, financial institution & administration fees & a small profit on each hire. Business Owners who list & provide a valid ABN also receive 90.0% of the hire amount with Hidle earning a commission of 10% on each hire transaction excluding the bond amount.

Is there a minimum transaction amount for Hidle’s platform.
Yes. Hidle has set a minimum transaction fee of $10 just to cover costs, but still allowing the owner to make a small amount on the hire.

Why would I want to hire out my items to the community?
This answer is two-fold. Firstly Hidle enables you to earn some extra income on your lazy or idle items and secondly you are able to benefit other community members as they will be able to hire the item from you cheaper than standard hire shops & often much closer to home as well. By doing this we are able to keep the money recirculating in our community & help out our neighbours at the same time.

How safe is this peer to peer share economy & where is the security in this process?
The Hidle hiring process requires a signed, binding hire agreement, for both owners & hirers, hirer’s proof of ID and secure payment of both the hire rate & an Owner nominated bond if listed via a secure payment gateway (PayPal). Hidle reccomends owners use a checklist & have it filled out & signed by both the Owner & Hirer at pickup & return point. Transaction & Item ID details as well as photo ID are checked & referenced at hire point by Owners or Owner authorised persons & both parties are provided with details of the hire. We ask that owners double check in person the driver’s license of the hirer to ensure it matches the details provided by Hidle for pick up. Do not allow your Item to leave your pickup address with anyone other than the registered hirer.

If a hirer would like to test drive or inspect my Item before the hire start date can they do this?
This is entirely the Owners decision. All registered users of the platform have the ability to put a contact number or email address in their listing & item descriptions could include information on test drives should you wish to allow it. If a hirer contacts you wishing to drive and or inspect your Item (with you present), it is completely at the Owners discretion.   

How do I decide my item daily hire rate?
Again this is your decision however Hidle suggests you do a little research and base your rate on average of hire prices from other places in the market, set your rate at what you are comfortable with but also take into consideration the time of year & how long your item would likely be hired out. For instance sporting equipment hired for a season might be 3-6 months whereas a cooking appliance may only be needed for the weekend.

If my registered item isn't registered, can I still list it?
No unfortunately. All items that legally require registration must be registered if they are to be driven, operated or towed on the road or ocean. These items must meet Australian state specific road or ocean worthiness requirements & have the up to date registration & insurance policies for hire & public liability required. You may list your Item on the website if it is onsite and won’t be moved, driven or operated anywhere requiring registration.

Is there a maximum time I can hire my Item out for?
The availability of your Item is entirely up to you – it could be short, medium or long term!   

Will my home address be advertised online?
No. Only the suburb will be available online. However, your specific address will only be provided to the hirer once they have paid for the hire & bond if listed & you have received an email from Hidle.

Am I required to meet the hirers?
Yes. Also with regards to towed items the owner or an authorized person must be available for handing over of any keys if required, for discussion of any item requirements etc. Hidle recommends thorough ID checks & use of a checklist. Hidle also recommends you leave at least 30 minutes to an hour for an official handover of the item if it is road registered. If the item is to be towed we recommend owners assist and demonstrate hook up of item to tow vehicle if able so the hirer is comfortable towing your Item.

Should I upload photographs of my listing?
Absolutely. Good quality images are advised to improve the likelihood of your item being hired. Hidle recommends both exterior and interior images for each listing depending on the item of course. If you feel 1 photo is sufficient that is fine you don’t need to use all the image slots. Photos can be taken on smart phones, but should be clear. Please note however images  are limited to a maximum of 2 and 8.0mb each so if uploading straight from your device you may have to check the size first.

If my item has amenities or extras how do I list them?
Hidle recommends that for each hire a check sheet is completed by bothe the Owner & Hirer at both pick up & return point. Both this checklist & the Item listing itself should list all extras & amenities. For example your listing may have: number of beds, cooking facilities, utensils, crockery, shower, toilet, annex, bbq, outdoor table and chairs, etc. Hidle recommends you list all items even if they seems obvious. 

Must the Check Sheet be completed by both Owner & Hirer?
Hidle strongly recommends the downloadable check sheet be completed for each hire being completed at pick up and return of the Item by both the Owner & Hirer together. The Owner & Hirer should do a thorough walk around & inspection inside and outside if required photographing & documenting if necessary any pre-existing damage not visible in the listing images or listed on the Owners check sheet. The Owner is required to provide a copy of the completed & signed check sheet or allow a photograph to taken by the Hirer upon request with all inclusions and any pre-existing damage listed at both pick up & return point. Hidle recommends both parties agree on documented items on the check sheet & sign off with copies being retained by both Owner & Hirer. The owner is required to notify Hidle within 24 hours of return of item if there are any issues they believe should stop the processing of Owner Nominated Bond refund.

What happens if the Item is returned unclean or has minor damage?
A checklist must be completed at the end of each hire, with the owner or authorized person and the hirer present. If the damage is minor, please inform the hirer and Hidle immediately. If you simply think the Item is unclean, you must give the hirer the opportunity to clean it prior to ending the hire, otherwise repairs or cleaning costs will be deducted from the Owner nominated bond. As an Owner be sure to list any requirements including cleaning in your item listing & reinforce these at the pick up time with the Hirer.

What happens if there is major damage to the Item?
Please inform the Owner, Hidle, and your insurance company immediately. Hidle will follow the Hidle Damage Policy as listed on the website.

How Does the Item Owner Nominated Bond Work?
We want to make sure that Owners are comfortable with listing & hiring their items out and we know the biggest concerns are item damage, loss or theft. When you hire through Hidle you will have the peace of mind that your item will be covered up to your nominated bond amount. This bond is in nominated by the owner on listing, put in place, agreed to & paid for by the hirer at time of hire. The bond is completely determined by the Owner and is a nominated amount of funds to be made available for the Owner to claim in the case of damage, loss or late return of the item. The bond is in place to ensure the Hirer has an incentive to look after your item.

I have accidently damaged the item. What do I do?
If minor damage is caused to the item, but it is still safe & operable please contact the Owner & then Hidle on 0427526445 to report the incident immediately. We do understand that damage can occur and would like the process after damage to be as user friendly as possible. The first requirement is to contact the Owner asap and let them know what has happened. Secondly, you need to be prepared for the fact that you might be charged some or all of the bond depending on the decision of the Owner & Hidle. Lastly accidents happen to all of us so it is Hidle’s mission to resolve all issues as painlessly & amicably as possible.

What happens if the Item is returned late?
If you are the Hirer and you are more than 4 hours late in returning the Item by the end of the hire Period, then you will be liable to the Owner for payment of a full hire Instalment, calculated on a daily basis, until such time as the Item is returned.  Hirers are required to advise Owners immediately via telephone if they have problems returning the Item on time.

What happens if my Item breaks down?
As the Owner the hirer must notify you immediately and discuss a course of action including repairs, roadside assistance if applicable & return of item. Hidle and your insurance company should be notified as well. If you are the hirer please immediately contact the Owner & then Hidle on 0427526445 to report the incident. If you are using your own car to tow an item, it is your responsibility to have private roadside assistance, should your vehicle break down. If you have used a car hire company and that vehicle breaks down, please contact the car hire company for assistance. If the item is a caravan or camper trailer, the owner may have roadside assistance which would be discussed at time of pick up. Should an item become unsafe to operate you must immediately stop operating or driving the item and contact the Owner & then Hidle on 0427526445

Why is Hidle so safety orientated?
Safety & security are Hidle’s number one priority. Hidle wants to provide a safe, secure & pleasant experience so everyone can enjoy the benefits of the peer to peer platform.

Are their any Items you can’t list on Hidle?
Yes. There are a number of items that may not be listed on Hidle. These are any Illegal items, substances or paraphernalia, dangerous or hazardous goods of any kind, firearms or fireworks, unregistered road items or un-roadworthy, unseaworthy or marine items other than jet ski’s large enough to accommodate more than two adults.

What information should I include in my item description?
As an Owner you should think about writing your item description from a potential hirer's point of view. Include things such as capacities & specifications, general condition of the item and information about the items use in the environment it used in. Helping the Hirer get an understanding of what your item is like will help them make the decision to hire your item so much easier.

Can I tell people about my listing on Hidle?
Yes Of course! Facebook is perfect for this so feel free to share its your item after all.

What is the Facebook Messenger popup for?
We have Facebook messenger on the site so you can message us at anytime. The messenger reverts to email outside of office hours but both are monitored so we will endeavour to get back to you with an answer to any questions or queries asap.

My item has been hired what now?                    
You will receive an email from Hidle explaining the process & what needs to happen as well as the transaction & reference details needed for the Hirer to pick up the item.

Hidle has given me a transaction Identification number what do I do with it?
This number is used to reference & check that the right person is picking up the owners item as well as the hirer is picking up what they have paid for. As a Hirer make sure you take the transaction ID along with you when you go to pickup the item along with your PayPal receipt & drivers licence.

I need to cancel the hire what do I do?
You can cancel your hire through Hidle right up to hire day. The best thing to do is get in touch with the other person as soon as things change to let them know & then contact Hidle so refunds as required can be organised asap. Please refer to the Hidle Cancellation & Refunds policy on our website.

What if the hirer does not pick up the Item?
Try to make contact with the person who has hired it to see if anything has happened or there has been a miscommunication. We are all human & so we all make mistakes from time to time. However if the person doesn't get back to you within a few hours of the scheduled pick up time please contact Hidle and we will try our best to contact them asap on your behalf.

My Item has not been returned. What can I do?
Try to make contact with the person who has hired it to see if anything has happened or there has been a miscommunication. We are all human & so we all make mistakes from time to time. However if the person doesn't get back to you within a few hours of the scheduled return time please contact Hidle and we will try our best to contact them asap on your behalf.

Does hiring my item out affect my Home & Contents Insurance?
As all insurers are different we can not answer that question for certain so it really depends on the company you have chosen and the kind of policy you have with them.The best practice is to contact your insurer and ask.

Am I required to have any special licenses to use an item?
As there are many different types of vehicles requiring a range of different licences these days its best to check before hiring an item. For all bookings that involve the Hirer towing an item you will need a full un-restricted Australian or International driver’s license. However, with some larger items or you may be required a heavy vehicle license so please check with the owner of each listing. If they haven’t provided contact details on the listing Hidle can reach out to them for you.

What happens if I hire a item and, before driving away, find it is not as listed, not adequately functioning or up to standard?
All items have a conditions check sheet that owners and hirers must complete together prior to the hirer leaving with the item. If the hirer finds any problems or inconsistencies, they should immediately discuss these with the owner to see how they can remedy the situation. It is important that any issues are resolved between hirers and owners before driving the item away & the check sheet specifies a few different courses of action depending on the issue that has arisen. You are under no obligation to hire if the conditions check sheet is not met, but please note any cancellations will result in an administration fee to the owner or hirer dependant on reason. If you cannot reach an agreement please contact Hidle.

What happens if I am involved in a motor accident with the item, or it is stolen while unattended?
Immediately notify the local police on 000 and then call the Owner followed by Hidle.

Do I need to clean the item before returning it?
Yes. Items must be returned to owners in the exact condition as when hired. Cleaning requirements should be listed on both the listing & the checklist provided & explained at pick up. If the owner and hirer agree the item is not as hired the hirer will have the opportunity to clean the item, or will be charged a cleaning fee of $50.

How & when do I arrange pickup of my item?
As the Hirer this you will be sent details to arrange the pick up with the Owner.

What if I need a hire item the same day or the night before?
Both of these hire scenarios are possible however people aren’t always on the ball with their emails so be patient or contact Hidle if you think we may need to reach out to an owner.

Do I need to leave feedback for an Owner?
No. Feedback is not compulsory however feedback really helps build trust for Owners on Hidle. Positive comments help Owners have their items hired out more frequently and sharing your feedback will help other potential Hirers make informed decisions. If an Owner provides good quality Items and are awesome to deal with then as Hirers we should let other people know.